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So, I’m bad about posting, LOL . . .  

Am I weird to only want to read books with main character’s names I like? I find myself reading back covers for the characters’ names and if they’re too out there or I don’t like them, I’m moving on to the next book . . . I’m guessing that’s human nature.  I try to pick character names for my novels that are not overused or overly popular but are not too unique either.  My first novel names were Veronica Hunter and Gabriel Savage.  I thought they were quite sexy.  And my second novel names are Aubrey Windsor and Alexander/Xander Ayes.  The Ayes has to do with his eyes (it rhymes with “eyes”). 

I just re-submitted my latest novel, “The Eyes of Alexander” for hopefully the last printing and then I’ll be selling it in print and ebook form on Createspace, Amazon and Smashwords.  It’s pretty exciting.  It’s a three-part erotic romance suspense novel.  It’s been a year in the writing.  Fun, but exhausting.  Now I’m editing the second book and writing the third.

This is my book cover (the “S” on the bottom right will not be on the printed book cover):Image