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Former The Eyes of Alexander book cover

Writing and publishing my book has been a long process.  Now I know why it can take years to get a book published.  I began mine just over a year ago and although I finished writing it months ago, I’ve re-read it many, many times and its undergone many, many edits to get it polished.  Since I’m self-publishing, I still have a few minor formatting tweaks to do on the interior, but the exterior has been an ordeal all on its own.  After combing through thousands of stock and internet photos, I still cannot come up with the perfect cover.   I wish I knew a professional photographer who can take the photo for my cover for free since hiring one for a fee is not in the budget.  Anyway, I’ve had about 4 different covers printed with the publisher now and none of them are working for me.  Part of it what doesn’t work is the quality of the photo or the fact that it comes out darker than what I’m expecting.  When I view the cover on the publisher’s website, it looks fine, but the print copy is way darker, so lines are barely visible or not visible at all and there’s no definition.  For instance, the cover in the link above looks fine on the screen, but the jacket on the printed cover looks all black with only a few jacket creases showing up.  I don’t know why it prints so dark, but I guess you can’t be picky when you’re self-publishing and don’t have money for a professional photographer or can’t get a traditional publisher. 

Anyway, now I’m changing my cover yet again but I face the dilemma of finding the perfect photo.  I’ve purchased many stock photos but none of them are exactly what I want and when I go back to looking, I still can’t seem to find what I want.  Ugh, it’s frustrating.  Anyway, I will persevere and eventually my book will be published and for sale.  I don’t want to half-ass it.  I would rather be patient for perfection or at least near-perfection, lol.