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Thought I’d share my latest and final cover:

Romance suspense novel by Cynthia Batten

Romance suspense novel by Cynthia Batten


Aubrey Windsor did not see Alexander Ayes coming, but he could see right through her . . .

Working for the successful, gorgeous and brilliant publishing CEO is thrilling, but also intimidating. Drawn to Alexander even though he possesses a gift for reading people and a curse for controlling them, a young and inexperienced Aubrey is sucked into his enigmatic world.

But that world comes with a high price; dealing with his tortured past and facing their dangerous future.

White-hot sex blooms into a love that begins to heal damage from Alexander’s tormented childhood, but their bright future is darkened when a killer with pent-up rage emerges. After barely escaping with their lives, the couple rushes to uncover clues before the next attempt is deadly . . .