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Motivation to write and edit my books ebb and wane.  Lately I’ve been procrastinating editing my second book, “The Eyes of Aubriana” just because I haven’t been in the mood.  It takes me forever to finish editing a page.  I’m only less than 50 pages away from finishing my first edit and then it will start all over again.  Then once that’s finished, I’ll send it to print and re-read and edit the printed draft.  It’s hard when I’m almost the only one editing it.  I have one person who is helping me but my first book had at least three pairs of eyes on it.  Even a professional proofreader needs a proofreader.  We all miss things, especially the author who is so used to seeing mistakes that they can, and most certainly will, be overlooked.  But my previous “proofers” have fallen by the wayside and I’ve yet to find more.  Is anyone here is interested, message me.

I’m still promoting my first book and have sold several copies but it’s hard to know what people are thinking when you don’t get much feedback.  One thing I learned is that I have write for me or I’ll never finish the series.  I’ve partially written the third book in the series tentatively named “The Eyes Contentment” but I refuse to continue writing until I’ve finished proofing the second book.  It’s hard to stay motivated when you have so many other things going on in life, but if it’s what you love to do and strive to accomplish, it can and must, be done.