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I got laid off in April so I have been looking for administrative assistant positions since then while I collect unemployment and sell on ebay and Amazon.  After viewing hundreds of job descriptions, I have one thing to say to those typing the ad–proofread! It irks me that a company is looking for an administrative assistant whose primary function is to type accurately and yet their ad is full of typos.  Okay, so maybe they are not the ones typing the ad, but they should at the very least proofread it and alert the job poster of the mistake(s).

I’ve been told that hiring employers will disregard resumes and/or cover letters with typos, well, I feel the same way about job descriptions! Why should I work for you if you won’t take the time to proofread? It’s unprofessional and I tend to pass those companies by.  I mean, if they are not thorough in that aspect, what else are they missing?

Maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way.  Maybe I should apply and point out their mistakes and convince them they won’t happen again if they hire me as their proofreader… hmm, there’s a thought… not sure how effective that would be though…

As a writer/editor/proofreader, I try my very best to catch and correct all typos.  I admit I have been guilty of making them (nobody’s perfect!), but I at least take the time to proofread what I write and make the appropriate corrections.

All I’m saying is that as a society we have been lax in letting typos slip.  I’ve seen them in newspapers, magazines, publications, signage, professional documents, etc.  I’ve also found them in books which shocks me since there are usually multiple editors/proofreaders whose jobs is to catch these things.  I am a writer and I’m not perfect and sometimes miss things, but my point is to at least try to save the world from reading things like you are looking for an administative asistant…